Building a More
Secure and Comfortable
Financial Future


For more than 30 years Arlene Neff has provided individuals, families, and small businesses with financial planning, financial consulting, and asset management services. An “out-of-the-box” thinker, Ms. Neff creates needs-based financial recommendations and delivers analyses of the past and potential future of both investments and programs. She’s a sole proprietor who works side by side with clients. What most distinguishes Ms. Neff is her complete dedication to putting client needs first. Nearly 75 percent of A. Neff Associates’ have worked with her for 15 years or longer.

A. Neff Associates llc Clients Are


Financially responsible


Motivated by a desire to find long-term solutions to their financial requirements


Keenly aware of the fact that they have neither the time nor the expertise to tackle either investment management or long-term planning on a professional level


Looking for an adviser who is personally committed to helping keep them financially on track during difficult times

Arlene Neff  was first registered as an Investment Adviser in 1987. Ms. Neff has provided investment and planning services to individuals and small businesses since 1987

Arlene Neff, dba A. Neff Associates LLC, is an investment adviser registered with the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Department of Banking and Securities, who has not verified nor endorsed the statements presented on this site. A. Neff Associates may only transact business in those states where it is licensed or qualified for an exemption or exclusion from licensing requirements.