Why Arlene Neff



Your Independent Advocate

Neither Arlene Neff nor A. Neff Associates LLC are part of the business plan of a larger company. They are an integral part of  financial plans for every client.

Putting Clients First

Although all Registered Investment Advisers are assumed to be obligated to represent the client’s best interests, that’s the personal, moral commitment of Arlene Neff.  A. Neff Associates LLC chooses to make that obligation its top priority. If you check with regulatory authorities, you will find that this is not always the case for financial service providers.


Unique Qualifications

With an MBA in finance and 16 years experience in commercial research performing econometric modeling, analysis and forecasting, Arlene Neff has been objectively evaluating investments and financial planning opportunities for a longer period of time than ‘financial planning’ as we know it has been in existence.


Record of Success

The financial planning industry is renowned for turnover. Most advisers fail or start moving from company to company within a few years. Arlene Neff has been contributing to the improvement of the financial fortunes of clients for more than three decades.