About Arlene


As a financial coach, Arlene Neff serves her clients as an advocate for their financial interests and affairs. Ms. Neff has served the planning and investment needs of individuals and small businesses since 1983. With 16 years prior experience in analytical research and the application of computer assets to the solution of business problems at a Fortune 500 company, Ms. Neff provides fact-based planning and advice. During her 30+ years in the financial services industry, she’s devoted thousands of hours to the study and investigation of financial planning and performance issues.


Clients in Control

Only after Ms. Neff understands a client’s financial perspective and needs does she begin to explore financial solutions. Clients sets their own definition of financial success because financial success looks very different to different people. Together, the client and Ms. Neff build a structured pathway that maximizes the client’s ability to reach financial goals while maintaining a sense of client control, financial security, and comfort.


Educational Seminars on Financial and Investment Subjects

Ms. Neff uses an educational approach to financial planning, consultation, and management. Her goal is to continually enhance the client’s knowledge and understanding of financial issues. That’s why she conducts financial planning seminars and workshops including her presentation, “The Importance of Financial Literacy.” Other topics she can address are:

  • Choosing and managing your investments
  • Managing your cash flow
  • How to structure an employee retirement program
  • Why estate planning is critical to your financial future
  • How to manage your assets during retirement

…And more

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Biography Highlights


  • Starting in 1987 the owner and manager of A. Neff Associates LLC., (now A. Neff Associates) an independent investment advisory service
  • Over 16 years with U. S. Steel in market and business research, analysis and planning


  • Certified Financial Planner, College for Financial Planning, 1995
  • Masters in Business Administration, University of Pittsburgh, 1981
  • Bachelor of Science in Mathematics, Computer Science, and Psychology, University of Pittsburgh, 1975

Community Activities and Professional Associations

  • Borough of Edgewood Civil Service Commission
  • Financial Planning Association
  • Friends Indeed
  • National Association of Women Business Owners
  • Pittsburgh Countrywide Corporation
  • Urban Redevelopment Authority
  • Women-in-Touch Charity Golf and Tennis Outing
  • Zonta, International

Arlene’s Philosophy & Beliefs

“If all you have is a hammer, every job looks like a nail. If all you can do is sell certain products, those products becomes the solution to every problem.”

“Breaching whales and a dancing beagle make for good commercials but they tell us nothing about the investments and contracts they advertise.”

“The fact that a company has widespread name recognition says nothing about the quality and integrity of the service that company provides to all their clients—large and small.”

“A goal without a plan is just a wish.”

“Investing without a plan is the functional equivalent of being willing to fail.”

“I practice ‘financial medicine’ – preventative financial health maintenance AND emergency financial assistance”

“I am a builder and a fixer.  I encounter what is, contemplate what could be, and help clients create their path to that goal.”